If you enjoy poetry, you’re welcome to visit my other blog,—where I use the name Sandal Teaberry

I’ve had a zillion blogs since 2011…they’re a therapeutic/beneficial addiction, you might say.  I’ve met wonderful people, brilliant poets—and I’m honored to be included among some of their circles. 

For each blog, I’ve written under a different pseudonym*, causing some of these friends to tease me about my “disguises”—and even ask (jokingly) if I’m running from the mob!  What can I say?  Variety is the spice of life…maybe one day I’ll choose a name to stay with, and publish my considerable files of poetry and fiction.

Writing is a gift from God which I treasure, and do not take for granted.  Whether or not I’m truly “talented”, and would ever receive professional acclaim, doesn’t matter enough to fill a thimble.  What I think about each time I put pen to paper, is how many times He has used the gift to guide me through what seemed an endless darkness.  If others like what I write, it’s just gravy🙂

May you be blessed abundantly by the gifts God has seeded in YOU!

*Posts containing images edited with text may include my copyrighted work and pseudonyms Please Do Not copy or reuse without requesting permission, thank you.

©Rene-Jael Stick, 2018

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