Overcoming Discouragement

Hello, Everyone—I’m glad and grateful to see you this bright end-of-February day! 

I thought it would be a great idea, while I work on my next post, to bring you an engrossing message by Pastor Jimmy Evans, from his “The Overcoming Life” program (TBN).  It was just what I needed when I heard it recently—truly a life saving game-changer; and I’m betting (chocolate chips, not money) you’ll be equally blessed and helped. 

The enemy (you know, that horned guy who works overtime to disrupt our faith-walk and steal our joy and power) will never give up his efforts to take us down. 

The closer we walk with Jesus, the deeper we are in the work He’s given us to do, the nearer we are to His destiny for us—the more earnestly satan strives to confound and wear us down.  That’s just the way life is…so we need to learn all the tips we can, and gather every available weapon, to fight back—or stand firm—as the Lord directs. 

Now stay with me, here:  our victory is already assured—a done-deal which Jesus secured for us on the Cross.  But the firefights will continue, and God’s word to us is that there’s no need to stress about it.  Pastor Jimmy offers us inspired encouragement—have a listen, and be blessed abundantly!

Rene-Jael, 2/18